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KFG Check-in Agenda

April 19, 2019


  • review / prep for meeting with Joi & Reid on the 3rd

  • we have a subscription and API access to Dimensions (who besides SJ would like access?)

    • Gabe would!

  • Heather setup on email, slack, and discourse


  • Science underlay: NSF short proposal in

  • Patent underlay: Innovation Information Initiative proposal submitted.

  • Prior Art Archive: Dan and Justin starting on Prior Art Archive


  • HHMI/PRT/Review Stack/Review Badges

  • SIGGRAPH contract

  • HDSR progress

  • PNAS collaborative syllabus

  • OUP with Alex Flach

  • Iowa State Digital Publishing mtg

  • Association

  • Annotation EKS open review

  • New WiP on OA

  • Potentially hosting report that comes out of this on PubPub

    • Also asked to be one of the reviewers, but we’ll see


April 12, 2019


  • Reid presentation check-in

  • Arcadia funding MITP monographs going OA ($850k)

  • HHMI meeting takeaways and follow-ups

    • Someone should attend April 24 MIT anthro publishing meeting (Amy will be there; TE will attend morning session). Many from HHMI meeting will be there. Will be good to follow up.

    • PRT/Review Badges/Review Maps with Jessica, HHMI, Coko, others

  • MITP Management Board: need data points on work accomplished since 1/1; updated stats (# of communities, analytics, &c.)

    • May 14th. Drafts by April 26th.

  • IEEE: early interest in having a KFG (via Josh Gay)


  • Distributed data / emergency backup on PubPub for EU

  • Dan Schulz / Justin Reese starting Tuesday on PAA

  • HHMI + Barabasi lab interested in open citation graph for understanding impact/usage

  • Patent data collaborative grant submitted. (w/Joi, JWW, Lens, NBER)

  • Unpaywall demo & discussion, Artefacts discussion


  • HDSR progress

    • Collection and metadata launch

    • HDSR design work & dataviz (Accurat underway)

  • SIGGRAPH contract

  • PNAS Demo

  • Distributed data / emergency backup on PubPub for EU


April 5, 2019

  • May 3 Meeting (Reid + presentation) : slide review
    ~ Look to demoing at member week (a useful deadline)

  • Open Syllabus Project — instance of a global knowledge good
    ~100k/y to maintain? much shared overhead w/ other GKGs
    ~Imagine optimizing for unis + research + coursereg, letting others tune for publishing + aggregation.

  • HDSR

  • UROPs + interns — need profs to host.

  • NSF proposal — first pass

Calendar in April/May

HHMI — Gabe in DC, presenting
April 7/8 — CNI in STL, Travis
April 10-12 — CA at ACRL
April 15 — Ian arrives forever
April 17-19 — DPLA : CA, Terry, SJ
April 22-24 — Member week @ ML
May 3 — internal presentation @ our Friday meeting
May 7-10 — PubPub team in Vancouver for LPF
May 22-23 — iAnnotate, DC

March 29, 2019


  • Message + roadmap: planning through April. KFG+KFF

    • Meet w/ Reid May 3; Member week ~April 25

    • Current work: state + forecast

    • Vision: how we see the environment. Essential contexts: OA, Reliability,

  • People

    • Heather Staines

    • Dan Schultz (BIF) — starting on Prior Art ~Apr 10

    • Interns/UROPs — Jabari (UL), Keertan (News)

    • Open positions + Interviews?

  • Advice + Consortia

    • Virtual/physical meeting: April 24?

    • Review our own membership in existing orgs


notes for the record, even if we don’t have time to talk through ^^



Spec design this/next week
Advisee GlobalFactSync got $70k grant this month.
Open Knowledge Network approved as NSF ‘accelerator’ project. "
> We should submit a 2-pg Research Concept Outline by April 15.
> related workshop planned for May 23 @Amherst w/ Chaitan, Guha

Innovation + Discovery

Prior Art: Dan S + BIF start work on the site in 2 wks. ~1 yr contract.
> Xerox + MSFT joining. Listing initial advisors on the site next wk.

Patent layer: Sloan grant update (1, 2) includes this + LensLab.
> Looking for a co-funder. Talking to Shuttleworth.
> NBER planning an annual summer gathering

Scholarship layer: Unpaywall interested in joint proposal for an open web of science. Also Laszlo Barabasi @ Northeastern.
> Drafting proposal, looking at current initiatives.

March 22, 2019


  • Fiscal sponsorship / hiring / non-profit status?

    • Grants via Yarn?

  • Message

    • Describe the future of journals, peer review.

    • Describe the future of creating knowledge: confs, etc. (gather rants from catherine o, others —> instant metajournal!)

    • point to good sci/nature papers on (bio on wp)

    • see 2 recent ones from HHMI+. badges, societies… incrementalism.

    • publish 3 interlocking papers: platform, UL, peer review, ML impact (cutting-edge fields), CC + ? — engage James. Combine provocation + tradition.

    • Metadata + syllabi + other. [casebooks! JamesG]

  • Badges : —> fold into KFG [explicitly link w/cc, openbadges?]


  • Patents: Sloan grant —> Cover sheet, drafting proposal, administration form. Fiscal sponsor needed. Options: Yarn, MITP? Barak suggests considering separate (KFG) non-profit status, takes ~1 yr to process and another yr to build public visibility.

  • News+Credibility —> Craig N supporting wikicite/credcon (Nov 10-12) —
    3 days, 300k? Have 200k in sponsorship, looking for another 100 (for global participation). Using Hacks/Hackers as fiscal sponsor

  • Automated Knowledge-base Construction: Workshop w/ NSF May 22

  • Meeting with FHI / OpenPhil (date?) [sj - Talk to Carina ++ this weekend]


  • Where to put revenue?

  • Where to hire?

March 15 , 2019


  • Reporting: Q1 report due by 3/31

    • Pitch deck for Joi/Reid due TODAY (review)

  • Pub sites: Set up PubPub site for MITP staff; OKRs and strategy

  • People: Amanda Moore: meet w/ her next Wed with Gabe

  • Outreach: Swag decisions. Heather update?

    • table drape? pop up banners!

    • UL highlight + pens

  • ACRL booth (April 10 - 13, send swag, maybe a person)

How to advise MIT and others considering leaving Elsev?
What’s the right setup to host our own version of WoS?


  • Patents: Data Collaborative meeting w/ James + Matt Marx

    • Prior Art: Dan starting April 15

  • Scholarship disambiguation: Lazlo Barabasi + his analytics team want to help replace Web of Science, running disambig toolchains.

  • Cite workshop: ~April 25

  • News: Duke Tech & Check (automation) w/ Dan Schultz M.28-29

    • Advisor chats: Cyndi Stivers; Jeff Jarvis + Raju Narisetti


  • Quarterly meeting next week (Thurs)

  • Dev updates

  • Strong Ideas

  • Backlist: Progress on this (Suber) [process for this?]

    • https://openaccess.pubpub.org/

    • https://knowledgeunbound.pubpub.org/

  • OUP

  • Michael Rogawski book/service

  • Collective Wisdom

March 8 , 2019


  • Hiring status (Heather, marketing)

    • Roadmap for partnership dev?

  • Do we need more swag in advance of upcoming meetings?

    • Yes, we’ll figure this out in time for DPLA Fest

  • Our new address: 11th floor (all squared away?)

  • Funding sources (above and beyond Reid)

  • KF Consortium/Foundation

    • Goldsmiths - Kember

    • RISD - John Caserta

    • Meet Jessica Trainer ++ re: hiring into Yarn/ Labs

  • Open to statements/press around independent tools ecosystem (Atypon, Elsev)


  • Schol: Sloan grant draft submitted for second review. 6 ppl/2y
    PI decision: Joi, Joe J? Sort w/ jww: how closely it’s in Joe’s sweet spot.

  • PAA: Bad Idea Factory, potentially starting in April
    Start adding ML art

  • News: Civic Proposal to JTI+CredCo

  • 1-pg overview of tech structure for replacing metadata framework

  • W3C Workshop on Web Standardization for Graph Data happened

  • Compiling a technical bibliography


  • John Maxwell has reached out to Travis

  • Let’s iterate on Advisory Board, dates for on-site meeting: June?

  • Michael K. OUP book

  • Chomsky tribute moonshot (90th birthday fete); launch by 04/13

  • DH Journal developments


Monthly check-in/travel schedule:
+ Mar (Tech & Check @ Duke (Mar 24) w/Dan) NB: got travel support for HINTS
+ April (DPLA: Advisor mtg late April?)
+ May (MITP board mtg)
+ June (Group — advisors. Reid?)
+ July

March 1 , 2019


  • Hiring status (Heather, marketing)

  • Standardizing site copy for MITP, ML, KFG (ongoing, status?)

    • CA: spoke to Lorrie about ML updates. We’re not able to get everyone into their system, so we’ll move to list everyone as part of the KFG description on the page and remove the separate “people” dropdown

    • Site-design update: small contract w/ new designer by Mar 14; spec out for quotes?

  • As per meeting btw Catherine and Sarah Kember on 2/27, Goldsmiths Press would like to develop a satellite ‘KFG’ under their auspices

    • CA: Sarah to join KFG AUP panel (June 11-13) and to visit after the conference to discuss this idea. Would make sense to have a call with her before then, too.

    • Potential model from {Internet & Society} centers: biannual meeting of all centers, annual shared newsletter, shared gatherings at global conferences

  • Wiley? How much to attend to a response?

    • Gabe: 3mo away from a comfortable, confident response

    • SJ: Is there a publicity opportunity now? Name the developing space, and the fact that in addition to consolidation of some tools, there is a growing ecosystem of fully open ones maintained by {unis + non profits} —> can nameheck PubPub, Distill, Coko work.

    • Plan: Name the space, promote enviro scan w/newsletter, plan series of posts


  • Advisory group (meeting Cyndi ~March 14)

  • Credibility: Wiki/CredCon 2+ days in late Nov. Venue: BPL? MSR?
    $100k pledged in event funds so far (CUNY + Newmark)

  • Schol: Next proposal update this weekend.

  • Library of Congress digital strategy: revert to Danny+Joi this wknd



  • R2R: went well. OA books workshop could have been more productive (lots of complaining, little idea generation), but did end with the intention to create a working group or new meeting about OA books. Thoughts on how KFG could potentially participate or help support this.

    • Also, this conference would really benefit from using PubPub during the proceedings. Will approach the organizers about doing so for next year.

  • Joel @ W3C Graph Databases meeting Sun-Tues

  • Tech&Check: News credibility, March 24-25 @Duke. Elan P will go.

  • DPLAFest: Catherine+Terry: Strong ideas! SJ: WikiCite

February 22, 2019


  • Debrief on meeting with Arvind re: Distill

    • Could we offer some service component? Hosting, viz?

  • Re-lo to 11th floor (Geranium) confirmed for 3/7-8

  • Proposed process for deciding on partners/grants (edit in linked pub!)

  • Standardizing website copy across MITP, ML, and KFG sites


+Interviews: Gwen; and Dan (prior art product); Sandro Hawke (news/cred)
+Shifting towards having overlay pages for individual communities (Scholarship, Patents, News + Trust, Citations, Art)


  • Hiring: Mo’s status

  • Anna Yudin (Katie’s email)

  • Ian onboarding this week

  • Water bottles - anecdote for the calendar

  • New “bind” in Allbooks for PubPub projects


  • Monthly technical cred + prov meetup: SJ + Sandro

  • Late Fall Wikipedia+Citations+Reliability conference: SJ + J8 + Andrew Lih, possibly in Cambridge (looking for venues).

In the network

  • Jessica P is sharing the draft PRINTS spreadsheet for review today (index of tech specs for peer review @ different journals)

  • Heather Staines is visiting for lunch! We should share a partnerships JD

February 15, 2019


  • AAAS activity + reception w/ OL

  • Impact Lab updates?

    • Going forward, but timing TBD. Address remote benefits/hires
      Check w/ Jessica T, she and Luis are doing this for themselves. Wait for insurance, could use MITemp for 1mo.

  • Arvind S + Distill : engage more broadly?

    • More structure to this process?

  • Term/summer internships? via the Press is fine.
    Interest: Jabari King (UL structures), Darius (UX design)



  • Credibility indicators collab underway. (JeffJ, Credco, Sandro)
    ~ Related: proposal to inform via libraries w/ DPLA + Minitex (final rev.)
    + Update w/ CIVIC next week.
    + Tentative meeting on provenance implementations: March 1.


  • Patent Data Infrastructure proposal to Sloan
    ~ Includes NBER data hosting, Lens Lab. Drafting w/ Adam Jaffe.

  • Prior Art Archive: merging implementations this month.
    + Hiring (data + design). Steering update w/ Dan Lang + Kate.
    + Idea via Richard: joint search w/ Lens+ WIPO.

  • All-schol: AB excited about replacing Clarivate+. Richard needs a dev to help w/ data cleanup + transfer.


History + Culture: Met followups on “cultural seed bank” w/ OL + Loic.
~ Review w/ Sanjay & MIT participants next Fri.
~ Joi comment + aside: 2D scanner for museums, for posters + other […] | talked to them about how to make the business work w/o IP.


  • Society for Anthropology of Work: Win!

  • Review tool funding/ NFAIS

  • Crossref service provider

  • Hiring (Mo) (Ian arrives on Mon)

Arcadia: Proposal in progress for OA at the press.

February 8, 2019


  • Mozilla fellow?

    • yes, let’s

    • deadline 3/3

  • MMM event

  • Met x MIT x MS event recap: Coverage at MIT, in the WSJ and more.


  • Prior Art: Ingesting data from new

  • Claire upate: not much; in internal holding pattern +1wk

    • Convene a provenance workshop?

  • Coalition links: MS= (check w/ D next week); CZI+ (Dario migrating)


  • Crossref (notes)

    • Followups: SJ w/ Joe Wass (OA network support)

  • 2019 Content

    • Choice quote: “reinforcement learning is taking longer than expected”

    • Examples of works that get posted as “PDFs w/ a link” rather than pubs. —> Compare cost of conversion to PDF vs to Pub-complete version.
      a) format conversion cost a’) can the same PDF work automatically?
      b) staff cost (if a community) — worth amortizing for groups of titles from the same source? [if an interesting community, maybe worth subsidy]

    • Crypto journal: call-in for this afternoon?

  • Duke Visible Thinking

  • RTI Press

February 1, 2019


  • Collateral for upcoming conferences (what do we want? messaging?)

  • Returning water bottles

  • Moo cards for everyone

  • Proposal: KFG members + partners


  • Prior Art: sent v2 documentation to Cisco yesterday, request to stress test

    • next: focus on UL-side visualizations for a few weeks

  • Advisors: Connected with Andrew McCallum’s knowledge lab: He wants to engage on federated knowledge graphs, and collaborate on open Peer Review [esp. for conference proceedings].

  • CIVIC: No update, need to nudge them + develop our own spec.

    • Progress w/ Alexios + the IFCN spec on hold until Feb 15

    • Hiring: draft a JD for news underlayers x2

  • Scholarly graph: Updated Lens proposal —> 1.5M: half to MIT, half to NBER + Lens-Australia. To confirm: grant admin options w/ Barak

    • No Dimensions data yet. New scripts from James w/ Aminer data

    • Community: Dhairya Dalal wants to get involved; links to Allen AI.
      Matt Grant is volunteering to help clean up Lens data.

  • Events: Andrew McC invited us to organize a half-day on federated knowledge graphs at his upcoming conference (May 20-21)


  • WiP marketing

  • Frankenbook 2019 plans

  • 2019 content calendar

  • Hiring update

    • Deepak onboarding: all set

    • Ian status: should be ready to start Feb 18

    • Marketing

  • PubPub Advisors ( see advisors pub)

    • terry to work with Nick on an April meeting


  • Affiliates?

    • adding them to the site

    • process for approving affiliates as a group

    • how do we define this?

January 25, 2019


  • Lens: Richard Jefferson/Lens (scholarship graph) + Adam (patents)

    • Patent collab being drafted w/ NBER

  • Prior Art: v2 test Feb 1, sync w/ Cisco

    • Budget approval for Prior Art FTE + developer (IOs issued)

    • First underlay nodes in use

  • News: Civic + Int’l Fact-Checking Network (this wk, Feb 8)

  • Events:

    • W3C Standardization for Graph Data (Berlin, March 4-6)

    • DPLAFest (WikiCite + library graph, April 17)

  • Industry consortium

    • MS CTO + VP Jordi Ribas : glad to join an OS effort

    • Apple just hired MWeb CTO likewise interested, could lead an initial drive


  • Hiring (update)

    • Dev: Ian in progress (full-stack dev)

    • Design: meeting with Deepak next week (UX/UI)

      • Contract design in progress (dataviz?)

    • Marketing: Pam Bracken in-person next week

      • Heather Staines (partnerships) visiting tentatively 2/22

    • John Whalen (discovery/interviews?)

  • Projects

    • HDSR (project management & dataviz [status?]; Arvind meeting on 1/29)

    • Migrating to PubPub: In The Library With The Lead Pipe!

    • Ongoing: ALIFE, SNL, SIGGRAPH / Leonardo

    • Reinforcement Learning (Marie, Feb), Good Drone (Katie Helke)

    • PubPub 2019 content calendar (in the works)

  • Conferences (FY18/19):

    • Team signed up for AAAS. Discuss, order swag (team shirts? coasters?)

    • CNI St. Louis vs CNI ScholComm Symposium (UNC Greensboro): pursue CNI Spring Membership Meeting & punt on UNC event [TAE]

    • Future (for consideration): Triangle SCI19 (hosted by Duke), 10/13-17, Chapel Hill, NC (proposals due 4/24); Charleston, 11/4-8; Ithaka Next Wave, end of November (contact Heidi McGregor to propose a session)

    • Gabe @ CrossRef February 5

    • Catherine + Terry signed up for DPLAFest

    • iAnnotate deadline pushed back to February

  • Roadmap

    • This cycle: Editorial management feature specs

    • Next cycle: Tag & citation updates (for ALIFE, new Duke community, etc.)

    • After that: Export updates (needed for ALIFE)


  • Our own pub —> include versions of recent essays

  • Follow-on conversations re Impact models for different projects

January 11, 2019


  • Hiring updates

  • People/partner updates?

  • Upcoming Conferences

    • List on KFG events page

    • CNI? 3/5, St. Louis

    • ADHO workshop proposal w/ Sarah Kember

    • AAAS plans?

  • Catalyst Fund application

  • Discourse?


  • News: FactTrack meeting + case study, Civic update Jan23
    Meedan meeting Mon 4pm,

  • Prior art: advisors, tag workflow

  • Collective knowledge IAP workshop next M/W

  • Wikidata meet next Tue


  • Gabe in town next week

  • Wired article (thank you for sharing w/ the MITP, Amy!)

  • HDSR

  • Meeting w/ Acquisitions team

  • John Whalen proposal?

  • OA org. meeting scheduled for next week

  • Alife


New Discussion on Apr 19
Catherine Ahearn: I asked for permission!
New Discussion on Mar 15
Samuel Klein: —-> + OKRs for our own roadmap next week?
New Discussion on Mar 15
Samuel Klein: Pitching?
New Discussion on Feb 22
Samuel Klein: To be added next week to: https://www.ailab.microsoft.com/experiments
New Discussion on Feb 22
Samuel Klein: Scholarship: raj proposal to make Lens a public Scopus alternative. Needs more discussion, + alignment w/ Scholia et al
New Discussion on Feb 22
Samuel Klein: By the undergrads involved!
New Discussion on Feb 22
Samuel Klein: And advisor to [Civic]
New Discussion on Feb 22
Samuel Klein: Jointly supported by CredCon, CUNY, and the North American Wikiconf
Samuel Klein: Possibly colocated w/ WikiCite, if we get a good venue + timing.
New Discussion on Feb 15
Samuel Klein: Hiring search: data science, backend dev
New Discussion on Feb 15
Samuel Klein: Bhaskar, Colleen Chien @USC, Richard@Lens, Scott Frank @ATT, Laura Sheridan @G
Samuel Klein: Proposed: Roger Martin @Qualcomm, Francis Gurry @WIPO