Current dev sprint

FY Q2 2018-19: Product Experience

The product is stable and a consistently good experience for users.

Rough Timeline

  • Search

  • Import/Export

  • Mobile experience

  • GDPR compliance

  • Design cleanup

    • Pages

    • Header bar


  • Decrease in downtime

    • No noticable downtime since V5 launch

  • Increase in communities created

    • Sep 18: 85 total, 19 active

    • Dec 18: 228 total, 78 active (2.6X, 4X)

  • Increase in user signups

    • Sep 18: 7016 total, active unknown

    • Dec 18: 7906 total, 394 active (13%)

  • Increase in newsletter signups

    • Sep 18: 0

    • Dec 18: 336

FY Q3 2019: Amazing end-to-end Pub experience

We’ll make the end-to-end Pub creation process amazing: from importing to editing, reviewing, publishing, and archiving. Shoring up this feature-set is a requirement for supporting journals like HDSR, conferences like ALife, and ultimately MITP’s OA Journals.

We’ve also heard from users that while the new core editing experience is great, we’re missing some key features like review, track changes, importing from Literatum-like platforms, and exporting to repositories and archives.

Supporting Docs

OA feature requirements.

Key Results

  • Understanding of new branch feature (subjective)

  • Adoption of review features by journals, particularly new ones (10% communities using by EOQ)

  • Increase in users via invitations (4% MoM user growth)

  • Alife signs on

  • HDSR on-boarding is smooth

  • Community, discussion, user, newsletter metrics increase

Rough Timeline

January 2019

  • Documentation updates

  • Improved editing experience

  • Branches (key architectural feature that enables track changes, review, etc.)

February 2019

  • Tagging & citation overhaul

  • Review tool

    • Review templates

    • Track changes

    • Version diffing

  • Importing (focus on bulk importing of docs from Literatum-like sources)

  • Exporting/depositing (focus on bulk exporting/depositing to repositories)

March 2019

  • Community roles (copy editor, reviewer, etc.)

  • Review notifications

  • Invitations

  • Public review statuses (PRT as model?)

  • Activity feed

  • Enhanced chapters & chapter metadata

  • GDPR compliance

FY Q4 2019: PubPub Pro for Organizations.

We’ll take the next step in making PubPub a sustainable publishing software solution by introducing PubPub Pro for Organizations. This will enable MITP to launch a branded MITP Open Hub, and give us a turnkey enterprise option to bring to conferences in the summer and fall.

Key Results

  • Existing communities switch to paid (10%)

  • New communities start as paid or switch within 30 days (10%)

  • MITP Open Hub launches by EOQ

  • Inbound interest in PubPub Pro from larger orgs

  • Community, discussion, user, newsletter metrics increase

Rough Timeline

April 2019

  • Enhanced community management dashboard

  • Stripe integration for payment processing

  • Pro analytics

May 2019

  • Custom theme support

  • Advanced page blocks (donations, email, external links, etc.)

  • Advanced Pub layouts (ad blocks, email blocks, etc)

June 2019

  • Organization dashboard for bulk managing multiple communities

  • Organization Hub Pages for displaying activity from multiple communities