Config File for an Underlay Droplet

Config File for an Underlay Droplet
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Apr 29, 2019

A UL Box/Dot is a specific implementation of an Underlay node.
It has two layers of config:

  • A config file, parsed to customize the dot, and used to derive IPFS config parameters.

  • Config vars, not necessarily part of the Underlay spec, but including items [such as filters] that allow the instance to interface with the Underlay spec.

Dot Config example

assertionPostUrl: <String>
filters: [<Filter>] 
   interface Filter: {
      include: [<PeerId>]
      exclude: [<PeerId>]
      shape: <Shape>
      route: <String>

PubPub example

Assertions derived from pubs, and generated while editing or importing them, captured in a Dot. How this might be used by Pub editors or reusers.



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